Khoa Nguyen | he/him

Student Coordinator

My name is Khoa Nguyen, I use he/him/his pronouns, and I will be one of the Student Coordinators this year focusing on mentor training!. I am a third year majoring in Human Physiology with minors in Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience and Public Health. I am currently on a pre-medicine track interested in psychiatry or family medicine, and I am also exploring clinical psychology and minority medicine. My artistic outlet is photography and I have worked as a photographer for SUA. I have also been involved with CAPE, Pre-Pharmacy Club, MCAE, undergraduate research, TAing, and clinical volunteering. Some fun facts about me are that I took both French and Latin in high school, I have been snorkeling off the coast of Vietnam, and that my name literally translates to “science.” If you ever need help organizing your schedule/Grad Planner, hit me up because I am very good at it!

Nguyen | he/him