Intersectional Identity Dialogue Program

The Intersectional Identity Dialogue (IID) Program is a series of workshops, discussions, and community engagement that explores the intersectional identities and experiences of AAPI students.  The IID program is led by APARC student leaders who facilitate community space for students to connect with each other, engage with community partners, and gain an understanding of intersectionality within their own AAPI identity and college experience.

Meet our IID Student Ambassadors!

  • Beryl Belmonte
  • Asha Suvarna
  • Saulkdi Yangh

Check out our IID content and past activities below!


Intersectionality: A Framework For Naming and Connecting to Yourself

We are not define by one identity.  Join us to share how our intersectional identities shape our mind, body, and spirit. Participate in our Intersectionality event hosted by the Intersectional Identities Dialogue team from APARC! 


Let's Talk About Colorism

Join Asian American Student Union, DISHA, and APARC for a panel discussion on how colorism impacts us as individuals and communities. Our amazing panelists, Saulkdi Yangh, Abi Ilavarasan, Jalisa Sang, and Nibraas Khan will share their personal experiences with colorism, steps we can take as a community to break down these harmful values, and more. 


Solidarity Talks: A Black+Asian Conversation

Join APARC for a community conversation with multidisciplinary arts producer-director Marlina Gonzalez and avant-garde rap artist-producer David Bullard (aka Orko Eloheim) about Black+Asian solidarity through the lens of art and collaboration. 

As artistic fellows for the public art storytelling project, Our Space is Spoken For, Marlina and Orko highlight their stories and reflections on the need for Black + Asian solidarity conversations with community storyteller, Davida (Dee) Kilgore and her personal care attendant, Mee Thao. Their artistic collaborations draw in experiences and themes of systematic racism, the murder of George Floyd, disability, the pandemic, cultural understanding, and many other social inequities that parallel our collective BIPOC communities.

We invite you to be part of this conversation to understand how you can empower and strengthen solidarity within our Black+Asian communities and BIPOC community as a whole.

View the full conversation here.


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