ASPIRE Peer Mentoring Program

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Students Promoting Inspiration, Resilience, and Empowerment (ASPIRE)

The U is massive. You’re in a new kind of learning environment. There’s a ton of new people you’ve never met before. You have a newfound freedom to take risks, explore, and grow into the person you want to be. You’re away from home in a way you’ve never been before. You’ll meet some people who you’ll have an amazing time with and will become your lifelong friends. You’ll meet other people who just don’t understand you and make you feel unappreciated. Sometimes college can be exhilarating but sometimes that can feel overwhelming.   It’s because of these things that ASPIRE exists.

The mission of the ASPIRE Peer Mentorship program is to help you find a community, have a space where you feel like you belong, and to help you thrive at the U. 

ASPIRE is a space where you can get really deep with people and also have fun with others. ASPIRE is an environment where you can express yourself authentically and fully. Most importantly, ASPIRE is a home away from home. ASPIRE is a new family.

Students can participate in the program as an ASPIRE Coordinator, Peer Mentor, or Peer Mentee.

  • ASPIRE Program Coordinators are paid student leaders that develop, coordinate, and facilitate the ASPIRE program.  ASPIRE Coordinators also work to provide support and guidance for Peer Mentors and Mentees.  ASPIRE Coordinators ensure that Peer Mentors and Mentees develop a meaningful mentoring experience.  ASPIRE Coordinators engage in weekly planning meetings, organize monthly ASPIRE Circle group activities, and facilitate ASPIRE group discussions.
  • Peer Mentors are volunteer leaders that work one-on-one with Mentees to provide support and guide Mentees throughout the year.  Peer Mentors are essential to ASPIRE and facilitate the experience of Mentees in the program.  Each mentor will be paired up with another mentor, along with their respective mentees, to create family pods. Family pods will serve to build community and create social support systems for mentees and mentors.  There will be group events that provide opportunities for Mentors and Mentees to engage in-person with social and educational activities.  These group events also provide opportunities for Mentors and Mentees to meet other family groups and develop community as a cohort.
  • Peer Mentees join ASPIRE and work closely with their Mentors for support at campus.  Throughout the year, Mentees connect with their Mentor for one-on-ones, hangout in their family pods, and participate in ASPIRE Circle activities to cultivate a variety of experiences.
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