Upcoming Events & Activities

Upcoming Events & Activities

Come meet with AAPI cultural navigators for support with academic and career planning.  Academic Advisors and Career Counselors will be available to chat with you in APARC throughout the semester.  No appointment needed!

Topics of discussion can include:

Mon, March 2nd, 2020 5pm-7pm - Asian American Poetry Heals Us

When we experience a loss, or are dealing with griefs large and small, how can poetry help us process and share our feelings and questions? How are love and joy the other side of the coin? How does poetry connect us with ourselves, each other, our ancestors, the world, and even the future? Come join us and exercise your creativity through trying our hands at some poems exploring these universal yet personal experiences that often have culturally-specific dimensions.

Wed, March 18, 2020 - Asian American Poetry Remembers Us. 5pm-7pm

As Asians and Asian Americans in the U.S., we are often erased in history. How does poetry contain space for our many stories and identities? We are complex, but we are not known. In this workshop we will use our memories and imaginations to write poems in which we are at the centers of our own stories.

Mon, March 23, 2020 - Asian Americans & the Supernatural. 5pm-7pm

Asian cultures are full of myths, legends, and magic. Ghosts and spirits as well as comic book heroes and the mysterious in general are part of our Asian American lives. Together we will read poems that have humor, enigmas, reverence, and wonder as they engage with the seen and unseen. We will write creatively about whatever mysteries and hauntings come to us.

Mon, March 30th, 2020 - Asian Americans & Love 5pm-7pm

Where is the Asian American body in poetry? How have Asian American poets written about love, romance, sex, and intimacy? What do we write when we are mending broken hearts? Where are our queer love poems? Together we will read and write poems that include the Asian American body in love, lust, and everything in between.