Career Connections

Career Connections is a series of workshops about career readiness, interests, and opportunities.  Career Connections workshops take into account unique AAPI experiences such as family expectations, cultural values, and life roles.  Students engage in a variety of discussion topics with other AAPI students, staff, faculty, and professionals about navigating the AAPI experience to reach their career goals.  Career Connections events provide professional networking opportunities and resources to support students for success in their majors and after-college opportunities. 


Fall 2019

Internship Panel (08/16/2019)

Do you want to learn more about internship opportunities? Join the Asian Pacific American Resource Center (APARC) for a panel podcast discussion on Asian American internship experiences and get a jump start for your career aspirations!

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Art as a Profession (11/14/2019)
Are you an Artist or want to know more about how you can make your art passion into a profession? If so, APARC invites you to join us for our next Career Connections! Hear from local Asian American artists about how they are navigating through the Art Industry as Art Professionals. They will share what about it mean to be an artist and how they have weaved their understanding of Asian American experiences and identities in their work.

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Spring 2019

Asian American Graduate School Panel (4/11/2019)

Graduate school is often brought up during many students' undergraduate experiences.  For some students, graduate school may be the next step in their education journey.  However, graduate school can still be confusing to think about, especially without knowing what to expect from the experience.  What is graduate school really like?  The Asian American Graduate School Panel brought together Asian American graduate and professional students to share their experiences as AAPI graduate students.  The panel discussed a variety of topics including why attend graduate school, selecting a graduate program, what the graduate classroom experience is like, balancing graduate school with life, and many other topics that aimed to provide a deeper insight to graduate school.  In addition, panelists shared how their Asian American identity informed and connected their graduate school experience to future career pathways.

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AAPI Professionals in Higher Education (4/22/2019)

What does it take to graduate from college?  For some students, completing college takes more than academic skills.  Completing college might take the connection and resources of individuals working on campus to support and advocate for students.  More often than not, the best support comes from individuals who understand your experiences and can relate to your college journey.  Research has shown that representation is critical in education success among students of color!  AAPIs are among the fastest growing college student population, and yet, less than 3% of leadership positions in colleges and universities across the United States are AAPI's.  The AAPI Professionals in Higher Education discussion brought together AAPI professionals in various roles from the U the M to share why it's important for them to support students, and provided insights on how students can get started in a higher education career pathway.

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