Student Writing Support

SWS Writing Consultant Hours in APARC

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Student Writing Support (SWS) helps student writers develop confidence and effective writing strategies through collaborative one-to-one writing consultations. Our writing consultants listen to writers, read and respond to their written work, pose questions that help them clarify and articulate their ideas, and affirm the experiences and abilities they bring to their writing. We value all writers and their life experiences, worldviews, and languages, and we seek to provide a supportive space for all writers to share and develop their voices.  Learn more about Student Writing Support and the Center for Writing here.

SWS Writing Consultants are available in APARC to support a variety of writing needs.  Meet with Writing Consultants that know and understand your experiences as an AAPI student.  APARC SWS Writing Consultants can support with writing for your class, scholarship writing, personal writing, and any other writing support that you may need.

No appointments required.  Just walk-in.